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Armenian Text  (гۻñ»Ý ï»ùëï)

The Armenian Alphabet
Armenian is separate branch in the Indo-European family of languages.
The Armenian alphabet was created in 405 A.D. It consists of 39 letters, of
which 36 were created by the auther of the alphabet Mesrop Mashtots, the
other 3 were added later. It was meant to suit the sound system of Armenian.
These 39 letters present all the sounds of Armenian language. There is nearly
one to one correspondence between the Armenian sounds and the letters that
present them. The exceptions are the letters , , which represent
combinations of sounds.

Letter Sound as in Name Cursive Symbol
a car a
b (voiced) brown b
g (voiced) grey g
d (voiced) dry d
ye (at the beginning)
e (in the other positions)
z zoo z
e where e
a about a
t (aspirated) teach t`
s vision zh
ee cheese i
l lake l
Spanish j Jose kh
t (unaspirated)+s ts
k (unaspirated) skin k
h hard h
d+z hands dz
r as in French, German Paris gh
t(unaspirated) tsh
m man m
y young y
n next n
sh sheep sh
vo (at the beginning of words)
o (in other positions)
ch [tch] cheese ch
p (unaspirated) speak p
j Jack j
rr as in Italian and Spanish
rojo r`
s sing s
v v v
t (unaspirated) stick t
r (with a top as British English) very r
t (aspirated)+s cats ts
oo boot u
p (aspirated) pick p`
k (aspirated) kind k`
yev (alone or at the beginnig of
ev (other positions)


o voice o
f father f

There are 6 vowels in Modern Eastern Armenian:

a as in car
ee as in cheese
a as in about

at the beginnig of the words vo
in other positions o
as in voice
as in voice
o as in voice
at the beginning of the words ye
in other positions e
as in yet
as in hence
e as in hence
oo as in choose

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