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If you can't read Armenian text, please download the following font into your system fonts (C:\WINDOWS\Fonts).

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Jptacogh Astgh  Gohar Sarksyan
Oror  Gohar Sarksyan
Shabatva orer  Gohar Sarksyan
Jamanak  Gohar Sarksyan
Titiz  Gohar Sarksyan
12 amis  Gohar Sarksyan
Poqrik tghan  Gohar Sarksyan
Mer moloraky  Gohar Sarksyan
Pokrik tonatsar  Gohar Sarksyan
Hayreni ashxarh  Gohar Sarksyan
Hayastan  Gohar Sarksyan  Nerses Markarian
Mayrik  Gohar Sarksyan  Nerses Markarian
Ankyun  Gohar Sarksyan  Nerses Markarian
Jpit  Gohar Sarksyan  Nerses Markarian
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